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If you are tired of the frustration, hesitation, fear and doubt stopping you from your dream of financial freedom, you are in the right place. Gualter Amarelo is dedicated to building 100 Millionaires and you could be one of them.

A regular guy, who had doubts, fears and failed businesses and made it to the other side; Gualter Amarelo took the teachings of his mentors - actual millionaires -

and melted them down into a step by step series that is worth its weight in gold.

You will be guided from doubt and indecision, to making the moves necessary to build sustainable wealth.

Every Saturday 10 AM EST

Here Are the Principles We Discuss:

  • Think a Million
  • ​Choose a Business that can Make a Million
  • ​Understand the 4 Types of Money: Income, Profit, Flow, Equity
  • ​Put All Your Eggs in One Basket and Guard that Basket
  • ​Build a Business
  • ​Your Business Must Solve a Problem
  • ​Who Has Your Money
  • ​Don't Save for a Rainy Day, Save to Invest
  • ​Track and Focus on Your Net Worth
  • ​Increase Your Income Through Increments and Surges
  • ​Double Down on Your Marketing
  • ​Alleviate a Frustration Experienced by a Large Group of People Who are Willing to Pay Enough to Make it Worth Your Effort
  • ​Build a Contagious Culture in Your Business & Marketing
  • ​Focus on the 80/20 Principle in Sales & Marketing
  • ​Leverage the Law of Reciprocity
  • ​Develop a Fixity of Your Purpose
  • ​Offer High-Ticket Items or Deal in High Volume Sales or Both
  • ​Only Deliver the Highest Quality Product or Services and from there Constantly Improve
  • ​Be a World-Class Expert in Your Business
  • ​Apply the 10X Rule to Your Planning
  • ​Create the Definiteness of Your Vision
  • ​Seek Out Strategic Partnerships & Affiliates
  • ​The Power of Partnerships
  • ​You Will Fail, Don’t Give Up in the Process
  • ​The Power of Outsourcing
  • ​Study the People & Businesses that are Performing the Way You Want Your Business to Perform
  • ​Steadiness of Your Faith
  • ​Learn to Love Dealing with Large Amounts of Money and the People Who Have it
  • ​Own 100 Percent of Your Results
  • ​Learn How to Attract the Right Mentors for Your Goals
  • ​When Setting Sales Goals, GO FOR NO
  • ​The Point Is Not to Work, It’s to Generate Income
  • ​Start Your Business to Sell Your Business and Get Rich
  • ​Accept What Can’t Be Changed & Create an Advantage
  • ​Create an Awesome Team Around You
  • ​Be Impeccable with Your Word
  • ​Depth of Your Gratitude
  • ​Sell Your Product Before You Build or Create It
  • ​How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything
  • ​Create Keystone Habits
  • ​Create an Environment that Will Force You to Grow
  • ​Give the Impression of Increase & Advancement
  • ​Understand the Power of Demographics
  • ​Systematize Your Business so it Works Without You
  • ​Invest in Assets that Increase Time, Energy or Income Streams
  • ​Stay Broke – Simplify Your Life/Business
  • ​The Law of Hyper-Focus
  • ​Know thy Self: The Power of Personality Assessments
  • Seek to Understand, Then to be Understood​
  • Never Give Up​
  • Learn to Love Solving Problems for People and Getting Rich Doing It​
  • ​Sharpen the Saw

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